Thursday, 26 May 2011

What is Lush Retro ? - The Breakdown...

Hi Everyone!
Many times I shopped online on Lush I never knew what the ''Retro'' line was! - I used to think that it was collection out for a preiod of time but it would just never go away! So incase YOU are wondering what lush retro is, here is a breakdown...
Lush Retro is all about products that were either limited edition or they were in the lush stores for years and because new products were made lush decided to take them away from the original site. But some of the products had really good sales and people really liked them so lush brought back some of the really good and famous products made them into LUSH RETRO, so these are products that were either discontinued or were limited edition. Sadly, Lush Retro products are mail delivery only meaning that you can not buy them in stores.
I hope this cleared up some of your questions about Lush Retro, if you are still confused comment below to ask me a question.
Seeing as this is about lush - I decided to tell you guys a few of my favourite products from Lush Retro ... (All products mentioned will have a link at the bottom of this post)
1. First off is - 17 Cherry Tree Lane .

 2.  Banana Moon.

 3. Milky Bar .

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+++ All of the products mentioned :

17 Cherry Tree Lane -
Banana Moon -
Milky Bar -

Lush Retro -

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Lush Haul!!

Hello everyone! About a week ago I made my way to lush just to look around and I found two products that I would be absolutley IN LOVE with! To be honest, these are my first ever purchases from lush but I guess you have to start from a little bit and move on to more! This is also my first ever HAUL on my blog which really excits me!

If you are unaware of what lush is I will just give you guys a quick definition : Lush is a handmade cosmetics company, most of their products are made out of fruits, vegetables and essential oils. Better yet, Lush is against Animal Testing and does testing on only vonlunteers! Also lush has over 600 stores in 43 countries so is there is one near you - CHECK IT OUT! - Lets begin :

One of the reasons for Lushs' great success is their handmade, hand-cut Soaps! With lots of different scents and purposes there is definetely a reason to pick some up!
So I got a soap that I had been eye-ing for some time now - Though there was a war between the famous Rockstar soap and the not-so-famous Lemslip Soap. ( By the way - Lush names their soaps!
It took me a lot of time smelling each of them and reading about them but I did later decide to pick up Lemslip! This is a citrusy and fresh scented soap that I totally died for! Also the other product that I purchased really complimented this scent! The lush store says, '' This cleansing Lemon perfectly matched with coconut oit and Irish Moss Seaweed: Condition for olier skin. Freeze it, chill it or use at a bathroom temperature. Smoot over your body then rinse off.'' One ingredient that automatically hit my mind was ''Irish Moss Seaweed.'' The reason for this is because seaweed is amazing and healthy for your skin! Now to Finance, 100g of Lemslip costs £2.89 or $9.25 (3.5 oz) or $7.95 CAD. I purchased 144g (5.08oz) which was priced at - £4.16 or $6.95 or $6.57 CAD. I think that this is a reasonable price for the amount of product that you get!

I did manage to cut the soap up into 5 pieces - It was extremely smooth and easy to cut!

Now on to the second and last product that I picked up! After I picked out the soap that I wanted I decided to just get one more product so I headed downstairs! At my local lush, when you go downstairs there are all the bath stuff( AKA. bath bomb, bath melts, some soaps etc.). There I came accross an emotibomb! What lush says, '' Speed up in the mornings eith a citrusy smack in the shower! Put it on the floor of your shower, turn on the ater, let it fizz up and inhale all the reviving essential oils!'' This soap has an extremely cirtusy scent that really compliments the Lemslip soap... Which is exactly the reason I brought it!This emotibomb is called ''Up you Gets!'' (Don't you just love that?!). Now, finance... This is an 80g Emotibomb you can not (!) get it in a larger size! It costs £1.99 or $4.50(3.2oz) or $4.50 CAD. I really like this product!

 So that was my haul! All links will be displayed at the end! Thanks to everyone who read this - Leave a comment below saying what you think or what you got at your local lush store!
BIG QUESTION:::: How much Lush do you have? ( Leave a commetn below!)

++ Disclaimer!= No copyright intended! I was not sponsered to do this blog post! I am not getting paid to do this blogpost! I am not affiliated with any companies! All opinions are my own! Everything was purchased by me!

++ Links :
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Lemslip Soap :
''Up you Gets'' Emotibomb :
Lush Online :

Lemslip Soap :
''Up you Gets'' Emotibomb :
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