Sunday, 12 May 2013

Things I'm crap at...

Hello there young people of the universe. I have arrived here to tell you about things that I'm just that crap at - apart from EVERYTHING. Now, every teenager comes to a phase where they feel that they are crappy and are not good at anything, so, I have decided to tell you what I really can not manage to do...
  1. I can not DANCE for shit. It's sad to be honest, I am hopeless when it comes to dancing. I remember those days in primary school when we went to the disco and I stood at the front of the dance hall right in front of the DJ and 'danced'. Oh yes, my brilliant dance. It consisted of me moving one step right, go back, one step left, go back again, and that was pretty much it. Just did that for 2-3hrs. And yet now as a young, crazy, wild teenager, that dance had not yet changed, but instead, I add some twirly hand gestures just to get the crowds going. 
  2. I am awful at ART. When I was younger, I enjoyed art, I liked drawing horsies and more horsies. But those 'gifts' have now left the world as I continue to draw, but instead rude images in other peoples school planners, or the faces of people who I highly dislike. Last year, I was doing art in lesson and the teacher patrolled the classroom giving each student a good comment. As she reached my art work (which I had tried my hardest on) she skipped it. Not ONE word came from the teacher, it broke my heart and I decided to hate her from then on. 
  3. I can not manage to SING. It's awful I sound like a farting dog when I sing. I can't even bear to hear myself sing, I can't imagine what other people are thinking. 
I will leave you with those 3 things that I can not do WHAT-SO-EVER. What are you crap at? 
Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it
'til we meet again,
Wow It's Nelly.