Sunday, 3 July 2011

Summer Tips : Body Shapes!

Hi Everyone!
Has this question ever gone through your mind... What body shape do I have?
Well if it has, here is a guide to know what body shape YOU have!

In total there are 5 main types of body shape's. Here they are...
1. Petite/Boyish - You are small or average height, you have a small bust and your waist is not defined.

 This is a boyish/petite figure.
This person has a small bust.
Hardly any waist curvyness.
And is quite slim.

2. Strawberry - You have a small butt, broad shoulders, a big bust and narrow hips.

 Here is a diagram of what a strawberry body shape looks like ( but its a STRAWBERRY! )

3. Pear/Teardrop - You have narrow shoulders, a small bust but broad hips.

4. Ruler - You have a small bust, narrow hips, a slim figure, long legs and you are an average to tall height.

5. Hourglass - You have broad shoulders, wide hips, large bust but a tiny waist!

Though there is a secret body shape that not many people know of...
6. Apple - You have slim legs, medium to full bust and a curvy midriff!

Well I hope this Blog post helped you to understand which body figure is yours! If you have any questions about this post comment below and I will answer ASAP.
Good Luck.
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