Thursday, 26 May 2011

What is Lush Retro ? - The Breakdown...

Hi Everyone!
Many times I shopped online on Lush I never knew what the ''Retro'' line was! - I used to think that it was collection out for a preiod of time but it would just never go away! So incase YOU are wondering what lush retro is, here is a breakdown...
Lush Retro is all about products that were either limited edition or they were in the lush stores for years and because new products were made lush decided to take them away from the original site. But some of the products had really good sales and people really liked them so lush brought back some of the really good and famous products made them into LUSH RETRO, so these are products that were either discontinued or were limited edition. Sadly, Lush Retro products are mail delivery only meaning that you can not buy them in stores.
I hope this cleared up some of your questions about Lush Retro, if you are still confused comment below to ask me a question.
Seeing as this is about lush - I decided to tell you guys a few of my favourite products from Lush Retro ... (All products mentioned will have a link at the bottom of this post)
1. First off is - 17 Cherry Tree Lane .

 2.  Banana Moon.

 3. Milky Bar .

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+++ All of the products mentioned :

17 Cherry Tree Lane -
Banana Moon -
Milky Bar -

Lush Retro -