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My interview with Sammy Davis!

Hi Everyone,
On one of my recent blog posts I told you guys that I was going to be interviewing some famous Youtubers/Fashion Bloggers. Well here is my first ever interview on WowitsNelly Presents - Beauty Counts!
I interviewed Sammy Davis, Vintage lover and thrifter.Sammy is a fashion youtuber helping viewers put modern and vintage together to make great outfits. With over 5,000 Subscribers SDV is definitely a great inspiration to others including myself!

Here we go... ( Bold Writing are amswers by Sammy Davis ).

1) What inspired you to make your YouTube account?
I wanted to show fashionistas that they can incorporate vintage fashion into their wardrobe -- because it is looking to the past that we gain inspiration for the trends of the future! I believe that each and every person can wear vintage, and my videos help to show you that by mixing modern with vintage.

 2) When did you start thrifting?
14 years old! In my hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

 3) What is your favourite decade in fashion? What stand out to you the most
 from it?
My style consciousness is always changing. I think it's why I have such an eclectic style! Right now I'm currently channeling the '90s. Before that, it was all about the '70s and before that I was SO '80s!

I love the '90s because the style was so functional and practical but pretty and sweet, too. Think Doc Marten boots for utilitarian purposes paired with ditzy floral jumpers and babydoll dresses. Girls were a bit grunge and didn't need to be "done up" in heels and skinny jeans. They could wear loose fitting sweaters, boyfriend jeans and an awesome woven belt and look cute & chic. I prefer the early '90s, when Nirvana was big ... this was the best time of the era's representation.

 4) Do you follow trends? If so, which ones are your favourite?
I love nothing more than noticing the trends not only in the mainstream stores but in the vintage and thrift stores, too. You pick up on how what's vintage and in available demand influences what's being sold in stores. Like right now, fringe is HUGE so I'm currently on the lookout for anything fringe, particularly a fringe purse. 

But then I have my STAPLES. Sequins ... playsuits/rompers ... cowboy boots ... lace ... overlays that make me look like a ghost ... anything sheer! I have a soft spot in my heart for wearing lingerie as daywear, cut-off jeans, TIE DYE ... the list goes on and on.

5) If you were only allowed to shop at one store, which would you shop at?

Oh this is easy ... Goodwill! ;-) 

6) Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?

Living in London in 2006 completely changed my style perspective. I think that living in urban settings in general. I spent a few summers in NYC in college, which ultimately led to my decision to move here three years ago. I'm constantly stimulated by the style, closets and talents of others. I love how we can influence one another toward fashion exploration and unique self expression.

7) What do you think makes a great outfit?

You know what I really think makes a great outfit? CONFIDENCE.
Seriously. I've worn some ridiculous things, but as people say to me, "You can pull anything off." We can wear what we want when we show that we WANT to be wearing it ... through a killer smile, personality and selflessness to help others. Kindness is karma, and caring is creativity! As we use our confidence to connect us to others, they love us for all that we are ... no matter what we're wearing.

8) What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe/closet?

My mom's '80s cobalt blue body-con dress. It's stunning. I used to wear a bright pink leather belt over it and lots of pearl necklaces. I haven't worn it in a while but I will think of a new way to grunge it up for the '90s ;-)

In general, vintage from my family is most cherished. These are pieces of ME from the past that I want to carry forward, to pass onto others in my life (children, possibly?) in my life.

9) What clothing item have you had the longest?

Oh my gosh this is going to sound CRAZY, but this zebra print tube dress from Express I bought when I was 14! This was 1998! I wore it to a middle school dance. I hardly had the boobs to fill that thing out. But it's such a classic and definitely "in" again with Jersey Shore and what not influencing such scandalous style! 

10) Who are your favourite designers?

Anna Sui,  Etro, and recently Band of Outsiders. Sometimes Rag & Bone for something edgy and practical. 

11) How would you describe your style?

Lady Gaga meets Blondie meets Stevie Nicks meets Courtney Love (see all the eras combined, ha!)

My style is my experiment, and my experiment is my art. I definitely will take the unexpected and make it expected. Take the ugly and make it beautiful. "Dare to wear" something so that I can inspire others to try it out for themselves, too. 

In three words starting with "e", my style is "entertaining, unexpected, enlightening." 

12) And finally, what is your favourite quote?

"Carpe Diem" -- it's tattooed on my left wrist. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post about Sammy Davis Vintage... If you haven't heard about her... I will link her Channel etc. down below. Make sure to subscribe to Sammy's youtube and check out her twitter!
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