Friday, 10 May 2013

Current Game Love

Hello dear readers,
So, I kind of like video games. I enjoy sitting by my laptop and just playing stuff. When I was young, I would go on the internet and play neopets, stardoll or club penguin, but now that I have grown up a teeny tiny bit, I prefer playing video games. Now I am one of those 'losers' who doesn't play 'scary' games. I just don't like it! So here are the games that I am currently loving;

  1. Prison Architect. This game is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I really enjoy playing it, I feel like it's not only fun but also stimulates your brain, and that's always good! This game mainly consists of you building your own prison and then running it. Prisoners, like in real life, always cause problems such as fights and riots which you, the 'God' if you wish, have to fix these problems. It's quite interesting and different, but I enjoy playing it! 
  2. SIMCITY. Yes, I do play the old version, but I still think it's pretty good. People always judge it because it looks old and feels old when you play it, but I think its great! You always have to use your brain and I think that this keeps you more entertained. That's always important, right? People definitely judge this game far too quickly and I think that's not fair. I recommend everyone to check this out, the new version looks amazing too! 
  3. SIMS 2. If I have SIMCITY, I need to have SIMS. Now yes, here I have put 2 but I prefer it to the third one! I have both, and the second one is definitely better. I feel that you get more options and ideas in the second one whereas the third is just a money-making scheme. I've loved SIMS 2 for years and years! Since I was in primary school! And I still love it! You MUST check this out, it is utterly amazing. 
  4. MINECRAFT. I do not understand who could not like this game! It has so many opportunities and there is so much to do! I think this game beats all the 'shooter' games, it is just brilliant. You MUST check this out if you haven't heard of it (I doubt it). I think it is underrated just because everything is made of blocks but in my opinion that just adds to the entire idea of the game. 

    Well, yep. That's about it! You have to check out all of these games because they're just amazing! Thanks for reading. 

    'til we meet again, 
    Wow It's Nelly. 

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