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Through Out the Years - Fashion! - The 1960's!

Hello Everyone!
Today I am just going to go through all of the different decades of fashion post-1960's. I hope you enjoy this!

1960's :
The 1960's was when really diverse trends came out! This was the decade that broke the rule of fashion and started something new! So what were some of these new clothes?
- Culottes : These were shorts made to look like skirts for women! Really comfertably but still femenine!

-  Box-shaped PVC dresses.
 These were one of the most stylish items in a womens closet. Though not  particularly the comfiest!

- Go-go Boots! These were the ultimate trend. A perfect name and look, everyone who wore these was considered stylish!

The 1960's also began the hippie trend!
- Bell-bottom jeans. These are really flowly jeans - That nowadays... I would NEVER wear!

- Tie-dye! This was an amazing discovery and so totally stylish. I still love this technique for clothes but sadly it has drifted for it's SUPER-STYLISH name!

- Batik Fabrics. These beautiful patterns are still in style today!

- Paisley Prints!

 - Mary Quant invented the Mini-Skirt!
And lastly - Jackie Kennedy intorduced the Pill-box hat!

So that was a quick talk about the 1960's fashion! Thanks for reading!
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  1. oh wow thanks for all this info!!!!! it really helped me with my history powerpoint on 1960's fashion!! ur the BEST!! simple and understandable unlike some others lol!!! ^w^

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